How to Smoke Peaches in an Electric Smoker

Smoking peaches in an electric smoker can elevate their flavor profile and turn them into a gourmet treat. Start by selecting firm, fragrant peaches and giving them a thorough wash.

Halve and pit the peaches, then brush the cut sides with olive oil. Preheat your electric smoker to 225°F and add apple or cherry wood pellets for a delicious aroma. Smoke the peaches for 30-60 minutes, checking for tenderness and a caramelized color.

To enhance the experience, serve the smoked peaches with vanilla ice cream or a splash of bourbon for a delightful combination of flavors. By following these simple steps, you can unlock the full potential of smoked peaches and create a unique and delicious dish to enjoy.

Selecting the Right Peaches

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When choosing peaches for smoking, opt for firm, ripe ones that give slightly when gently pressed. Avoid peaches that are too hard or too soft, as firmness ensures they retain their shape while smoking, while ripeness brings the perfect sweetness and juiciness needed for delicious results. Look for peaches without bruises or blemishes, as these can affect both taste and appearance. A sweet, fragrant aroma indicates ripeness and freshness, enhancing the flavor of the smoked peaches.

Whether you prefer white or yellow peaches, both types are suitable for smoking in an electric smoker. However, avoid overripe peaches that are too soft, as they may lose their natural sweetness and texture during smoking.

Preparing the Peaches

Once we've chosen the best peaches, it's crucial to prepare them properly for smoking. Start by washing the peaches thoroughly to remove any dirt.

Next, cut the peaches in half, remove the pits, and leave the skin on for extra texture and flavor. Brushing the cut sides with olive oil will prevent sticking and enhance the natural flavors during smoking.

To summarize the preparation process:

  • Wash the peaches well.
  • Halve the peaches, remove pits, and keep the skin on.
  • Brush the cut sides with olive oil.
  • Have additional ingredients like brown sugar, cinnamon, or honey ready for later use.

Seasoning Options

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When smoking peaches, there are numerous seasoning options available to enhance their flavor and turn them into a gourmet delight. A popular choice is a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon, which adds a warm, sweet spiciness that complements the peaches' natural juiciness. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of this combination on each peach half before smoking them in a pellet smoker for a delicious treat.

For those seeking more unique flavors, consider adding a splash of bourbon or rum to the peaches for a rich, boozy depth that pairs well with their sweetness. Alternatively, sprinkling chopped nuts like pecans or almonds over the peaches not only adds a crunchy texture but also introduces a nutty undertone to enhance the overall taste.

To finish off the smoked peaches, drizzle them with balsamic vinegar for a tangy and sweet contrast that elevates the dish. Experimenting with honey or a hint of nutmeg can also add more layers of flavor complexity.

Each seasoning choice opens up a world of delicious possibilities to explore and enjoy.

Setting Up the Electric Smoker

To begin, let's preheat our electric smoker to 225°F. This temperature will help infuse our peach halves with a delightful smoky flavor while gently caramelizing the natural sugars without burning them.

When selecting wood pellets, opt for fruitwood varieties like apple, cherry, or peach. These options offer a mild, sweet smoke that complements the peaches perfectly. For pellet grills such as the Traeger Grills Pro 22, ensure the pellet hopper is filled, and the grill is clean and ready for use.

Here's a quick checklist to efficiently set up our electric smoker:

  • Preheat to 225°F and stabilize the cooking temperature.
  • Choose apple, cherry, or peach wood pellets for the best flavor.
  • Fill the pellet hopper to prevent interruptions.
  • Clean the grill grates to avoid unwanted flavors.
  • Arrange the smoker racks at the correct height for even airflow around the peach halves.

With the smoker prepped and the wood pellets ready, we can now proceed to the exciting step of smoking the peaches.

Smoking the Peaches

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To turn ripe peaches into a smoky, caramelized treat, start by selecting firm yet ripe peaches that can withstand the smoking process. Cut them in half, remove the pits, and ensure they're ready to soak up the smoky flavors.

Preheat the electric smoker to 225°F and brush the cut sides of the peaches with olive oil or melted butter for added flavor and caramelization. Place the peach halves on the smoker grates, cut side up, and smoke them for 30 to 60 minutes to achieve the desired texture.

Experiment with different wood pellets like apple, cherry, or peach to create unique smoke flavors for your smoked peaches.

With patience and the right technique, you can transform ordinary peaches into a smoky and sweet delicacy.

Checking for Doneness

To ensure our smoked peaches are cooked perfectly, it's crucial to monitor both their internal temperature and texture. Finding the right balance of tenderness and firmness is key to achieving the best flavor and mouthfeel. Let's dive into how to check for doneness.

Firstly, we should aim for an internal temperature of around 107°F for the smoked peaches. This ensures they're cooked through while still maintaining their structure. Using a food thermometer will help us check this accurately.

In addition to temperature, we need to pay attention to the texture of the peaches. They should be tender but with a slight firmness to them. It's essential to strike this balance; if they're too soft, they can become mushy, and if they're too firm, they mightn't be fully cooked.

Another indicator of doneness is the color change in the peaches as the sugars caramelize. This color transformation signals that the peaches have absorbed the smoky flavor and have sweetened nicely.

To ensure our smoked peaches are done, we can follow this checklist:

  • Check the internal temperature: Aim for 107°F.
  • Assess the texture: They should be tender yet slightly firm.
  • Look for color change: Caramelization indicates readiness.
  • Cooking time: Typically 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Test with a fork: Pierce to check for tenderness.

Serving Suggestions

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Smoked peaches are a versatile dish that can transition seamlessly from a decadent dessert to a sophisticated side. Indulge in Traeger smoked peaches served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a heavenly pairing. The contrast between the creamy, cold ice cream and the warm, smoky peaches creates a delightful flavor experience. For an extra touch of indulgence, top it off with a dollop of whipped cream.

Moving beyond desserts, explore creative options like Smoked Peaches and Cream for a luxurious twist or a Smoked Peach Cobbler for a rustic charm. To elevate the flavors, consider drizzling spiced rum or a rich balsamic glaze over the peaches for a more complex taste profile.

As a side dish, smoked peaches pair exceptionally well with grilled chicken or pork, offering a delightful mix of sweet and savory flavors. The smoky essence of the peaches complements the char from the meat, creating a memorable meal. Garnish with fresh mint leaves to enhance both the presentation and the overall taste of the dish.


And that's how easy it's to smoke peaches and elevate them into a gourmet treat with your electric smoker.

It's fascinating how technology can enhance the natural flavors of such a simple fruit like peaches.

Surprise your guests with this unique dish – they won't believe how effortless it was to make!

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