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Thank you for stopping by my website dedicated to the best electric smokers on the market. Now, I know you are eager to make the most amazing mouth-watering pulled pork, ribs, salmon, bacon, and turkey but before you can do that, you absolutely need to get the best electric smoker to help you smoke your food to perfection.

 So, without further ado, I would like you to take a look at some electric smoker reviews that I have created, or perhaps you already have a great model and want to get some great tips for producing amazing smoked food. Maybe you need some maintenance and care advice or maybe you are looking for the best electric smoker under $200. Who know, but if you just want to get in touch and share some information, I’m always happy to hear from my readers. So, whatever you want to do, I would like to thank you for taking the time to show interest in my site. Hopefully you enjoy what you find here and want to come back.

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What to look for, what to buy, what not to buy and what to do after you've bought - when - we've covered everything!

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I love your site Bob. I first got into wood smoking about 10 years back when my partner and I went to a friends cook-out. I never knew food could taste so great and I was hooked. Thanks for taking the time to bring all of this great information together in one place. I’ve recommended you to all of my buddies and have just bought a new smoker based on your recommendations – love it!”
Josie rizal - az

I’ve known Bob for over 10 years now and I can say that not only is he a great stand-up guy (shucks – Bob) but he really knows his stuff. Man can he talk smokin!

If you want to track down the best deals and great recipes then Bobs your man. Thanks buddy!

quentin marks - ct

Its simple, Bob loves smoked food and really has a passion for getting it right. I bought my smoker based on his recommendation and my cook outs have been the talk of the neighborhood ever since 🙂

irene smith - wa