Getting Smoked: Why You Should Invest In A Vertical Electric Pellet Smoker Today

Are you a barbecue enthusiast?

If you are, then you know that there’s nothing quite like the taste of smoked food. And if you’re looking to take your smoking game to the next level, then you need a vertical electric pellet smoker.

Masterbuilt MB20072918 40-inch Digital Electric Smoker, Black

Here’s why:

1. They’re efficient and easy to use. Simply set the temperature and let the smoker do its thing.

2. They produce consistent results thanks to their precision temperature control.

3. They’re versatile – perfect for smoking meats, fish, vegetables, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a closer look at exactly why you should invest in a vertical electric pellet smoker today and enjoy delicious smoked food all summer long! Oh, and I’ll also give you my top 3 recommendations so that you can be reassured that the smoker you buy will be the right one for you.

Why Use a Vertical Electric Pellet Smoker?

Cooking with a vertical electric pellet smoker is an easy and convenient way to get delicious smoked meat.

With this amazing piece of kitchen machinery, you can add smokehouse flavor to just about any type of meat without the hassle of getting out your charcoal or smoker.

Best yet, results are always reliable and consistent thanks to an adjustable temperature control that makes it simple to set the precise levels needed for smoking perfection, and whats more, these smokers have large capacities so you can serve up enough smoked meats for everyone at one time.

So, in my opinion, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to enjoy smoked meats with family and friends, a vertical electric pellet smoker is definitely worth investing in.

What Flavor Profile Can You Achieve?

A vertical electric pellet smoker has the potential to bring a flavor profile to whatever you’re cooking that you can’t achieve with any other type of cooking technique.

Thats because this type of smoker uses wood pellets for fuel, which allows it to impart an extra smoky flavour like no other.

Not only this, but its adjustable temperature controls enable the user to precisely control the intensity of the smoke and adjust timing for optimum tenderness, creating a unique and delicious smoked food every time.

The combination of adjustable smoke levels and combustion from the electric heat creates a more robust flavor than what is achieveable on gas or charcoal smokers. It’s this added degree of control that creates remarkable flavours for your grilled creations.

How easy Are They To Use and maintain?

A vertical electric pellet smoker is a actually great way to achieve delicious BBQ flavors with minimal effort and maintenance.

Designed for convenience, these smokers require minimal assembly, feature adjustable temperature settings, and the ability to be programmed remotely via app or computer.

They are also incredibly easy to clean, requiring just a quick wipe down of the exterior and regular cleaning of the ash capture system; no messy charcoal or woodchip reloading necessary!

With these amazing features in mind, it’s no wonder that so many people have been drawn to electric pellet smokers as an easy and efficient way to enjoy perfect BBQ for years to come.

Now is the Time to Invest in a Vertical Electric Pellet Smoker

Buying a vertical electric pellet smoker for your home is a great idea right now because it’s easy and gives off delicious, smoky smells without any trouble.

They are easy to set up, require very little effort to maintain, and give you the ability to grill and smoke food with consistent results, and whats more, you can expect juicy, tender and succulent meats with all of the traditional tastes that grilling or smoking delivers – all with the simple push of a button.

Vertical electric pellet smokers are smoker-grill hybrids that gives you the best of both worlds in one handy device – from steaks to vegetables and everything in between!

My Top 3 Vertical Electric Pellet Smokers

1. Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D 30″ Digital Bluetooth Electric Smoker

You’ll love the Dyna-Glo DGU732SDE-D 30″ Digital Bluetooth Electric Smoker, with you can smoke food to your desired temperature and flavor. The four chrome-plated steel cooking grates provide a total of 732 square inches of cooking space, so you can cook plenty of food at once. Monitor your cooking time and temperature with the digital thermostat and control panel display, and track the internal temperature of the food without disturbing the cooking process with the integrated meat thermometer. The removable rib rack and sausage hooks offer additional cooking options. The bottom access drawer makes it easy to access water or wood chips without losing smoke or heat. The adjustable door latches and flexible, high temp door seal help minimize smoke and heat loss. The 1000 watt burner generates plenty of cooking power in colder climates.

2. Masterbuilt MB20072918 40-inch Digital Electric Smoker

Running in a very close second in my top 3 list is the Masterbuilt MB20072918 40-inch Digital Electric Smoker. With over 970 square inches of cooking space, this smoker can handle anything from a small brisket to a large turkey. The cold-rolled steel body and four cooking racks provide ample cooking space, while the removable grease tray makes cleanup a breeze. The locking door and easy-access wood chip loader make adding wood chips and adjusting the smoking temperature easy, while the adjustable thermostat and electric timer help you perfect your smoking technique. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert smoker, the Masterbuilt MB20072918 40-inch Digital Electric Smoker is the perfect addition to your backyard arsenal.

3. PIT BOSS 77700 7.0 Pellet Smoker

Last, but definitely not least is the excellent Pit Boss 77700 Pellet Smoker. This is a smoker that uses pellets to produce heat and smoke, allowing you to cook food at a low temperature for long periods of time. The smoker has a digital LED readout that allows you to monitor the internal temperature, as well as a meat probe that lets you know when your food is cooked to perfection. The smoker also includes six porcelain coated cooking grids, an 1815 sq in. cooking surface, a porcelain coated water pan, and a heat deflector. You can also use the smoker for up to 40 hours on a single fill of pellets, making it perfect for large cookouts. The 300-watt igniter makes it simple to light, and the auto shut-off feature keeps your food safe. The smoker can be programmed to reach temperatures of 150 – 450 degrees, making it perfect for any kind of food. The only thing pushing this smoker down this list is its cost; at around 800 bucks, it certainly isn’t cheap. However, if you have the budget, it is a solid contender, but, in my opinion, it is hard to justify the extra expense compared to the other 2 models I have reviewed.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use smoker that will give your food unparalleled flavor, a vertical electric pellet smoker is the way to go. These smokers are low maintenance and provide consistent results, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly smoked food every time. Now is the perfect time to invest in a vertical electric pellet smoker for your home – order yours today and start enjoying delicious smoked meats tomorrow!

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